Halloween Safety Tips

Safety_TipsHalloween safety tips

Thursday is Halloween, a day that is first and foremost for children to have fun, though not at the cost of their safety.

Law enforcement officials and child advocacy groups have a number of safety suggestions for parents:

  • If you child is going to carry a cell phone, make it is fully charged and they know how to dial 911 in the case of an emergency.
  • Children should only go to homes where porch or exterior lights are on and never venture inside anyone’s home.
  • Kids should try to use crosswalks whenever possible, need to be careful when crossing streets, and avoid taking shortcuts through backyards or alleys.
  • All motorists are reminded to use extreme caution and drive slowly to avoid striking children wearing costumes.

Finally, children must never eat any candy they receive until their parents can inspect every piece to make sure it is safe to eat.