Half Of Senate Writing Letters To Foreign Govt.

Is this how U.S. foreign policy has been conducted in the past? Foreign leaders coming to town to pitch their case to Congress and the American people directly?

Almost half the Senate writing a letter directly to a foreign government essentially saying that President Obama isn’t the final decision-maker? Well, that appears to be how things are being handled now, at least when it comes to Israeli PM Netanyahu, GOP senators, and Iran. Netanyahu was a week ago, the GOP Senators was Monday, writing to the Iranian government that if they don’t like treaty, they’ll get the next president to flush it. It can’t be making the White House too happy.

Also, the latest on Hillary Clinton and her emails has President Obama saying he didn’t play close attention to the URL involved when he emailed Clinton while she was Secretary of State.

ABC’s Devin Dwyer joined us from the White House Tuesday to discuss.