Grandma’s Body Found In Storage Unit

When a Clearwater family got behind in their storage unit payments, the manager of U-Store Self Storage, called to tell them he was going to have to auction off their stuff for back rent.

They told him don’t do it, “Granny’s body is in there.”

The manager called the cops…and now grandma is on the way to the funeral home.

Turns out grandma had been sitting in the Clearwater storage unit at 1217 Lakeview Road, in a casket, since 1995.

According to the granddaughter, her mother told her on her death bed that she stored her own mother in the unit.

When officers investigated they found a blue coffin with the skeletal remains of a human body inside.  The family said they do possess the death certificate, so authorities do not suspect any foul play.

The woman who alerted officials to the body has not been arrested and charged with a crime at this time, but CPD officials said she could face charges of improper disposal of a body.