Is Rick Scott Closing In On An Election Victory?

Visiting Florida for the state Republican Party’s annual fundraising dinner, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal gave a warning that would have seemed laughable just a few months ago.

“This election is too important for the people of Florida, it is too important for our country, to take this for granted,” Jindal told supporters of Gov. Rick Scott’s re-election who gathered outside the Grand Floridian Resort before the 2014 Victory Dinner to greet Scott, Jindal and others who arrived by bus.

Six months ago, Scott was the underdog in his bid for a second term, with former Gov. Charlie Crist — a Republican turned Democrat — holding a solid lead in the polls. But recent surveys have shown the race tightening, and several polls have given Scott a small lead.

That has contributed to a new sense of optimism, Republicans say, that a Scott victory is within their grasp.

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