GOP Candidate Power Ratings Pre Debate


Here is the first News Talk Florida Power Rankings heading into the Tuesday night FOX Business Network debate. Donald Trump tops the list and he shows no real chance of fading away any time soon and so after his HUGE Saturday Night Live performance he is No. 1

  1. DONALD TRUMP – Business is his strong suit and he is pushing Dr. Ben Carson on some issues the press has brought up on his book. He also published an op-ed in today’s Wall Street Journal on China and their currency manipulations.


  1. MARCO RUBIO – He is still riding a huge bounce from the CNBC Debate and seems to has broken out as the establishment candidate. Rubio has taken on Trump on the stump where he has questioned his business acumen and we will see if he tries to challenge the billionaire face to face tonight in Milwaukee at the debate. If he does he better lookout for walking into a sucker punch. He needs to be careful should he take Trump on in a debate of finances. Meanwhile, it looks like he has thus weathered the problems and questions on his financial problems. He needs another strong showing tonight in Milwaukee and if he gets it then he might be able to put his mentor former Gov. Jeb Bush even further back in his rearview mirror.


  1. DR. BEN CARSON – The past couple of weeks the world renowned neurosurgeon has been questioned on his book Gifted Hands. POLITICO and CNN have been two of the many news outlets that have investigated Carson’s claims about his acts of violence as an angry young man — stabbing, rock throwing, brick hurling and baseball bat beating — that preceded Carson’s sudden transformation into the composed figure that stands before voters today. He also is in favor of a flat tax and he will be pushed on the details tonight.


  1. TED CRUZ – Just like Rubio, the Senator from Texas has been trending quite well since the CNBC debate. His attacks on the “mainstream media,” won him many fans and he has pushed immigration along with his role as the only man in Washington willing to stand up for his conservative beliefs. He is the Washington insider who is acts like an outsider and that seems to be working for him.


  1. JOHN KASICH – The Ohio Governor has done a good job running a strong under the radar campaign in New Hampshire. As someone who balanced a budget both in Congress as well as in his state in Ohio put him in a strong position for the debate tonight in Milwaukee and a good showing this evening could place him behind Rubio as the No. 2 establishment candidate.


  1. JEB BUSH – He had a bad night in the CNBC debate and needed to reboot his campaign with a stop last month in Tampa. Jeb needs a strong night and he should with the FBN crew be allowed to layout some of his plans in detail including his budget. He needs to be able to separate himself from both his father’s and his brother where they fell into the tax issues.


  1. CHRIS CHRISTIE – The New Jersey governor was the biggest loser of the night before this debate begins. By not making the main event he has to really do a strong job in the undercard to make some news in Milwaukee. He needs to really build some momentum and get back to the main stage for the December debate on CNN.


  1. CARLY FIORINA – She had an uneventful debate last time out and tonight an anything less than a strong performance will push her further down the list. This business based debate should be right in her wheelhouse but she points out that many Republican tax plans have in the past been killed off once they hit Congress.


  1. RAND PAUL – The Senator from Kentucky once again will push his plan that is far different than some of his more mainstream candidates. As the Libertarian in the group Paul might be able to score some key points on the economy. He remains one of the only people who to feel comfortable engaging both Trump and Rubio on the issues.


  1. MIKE HUCKABEE – The former governor of Arkansas like Christie will suffer from not being in the main event. It is likely that he and the governor of New Jersey will his main competitor tonight. Both men will be the class of the undercard but they will not watch by many so they need some quality sound bites.


  1. LINDSEY GRAHAM – South Carolina Senator will be a spectator tonight not making either the undercard or the main event. He has a number of very interesting programs and is worthy of being heard but he needs to get his numbers up to make the CNN debate in December.


  1. BOBBY JINDAL – He will be a non factor and likely be gone perhaps before the end of the year.


  1. RICK SANTORUM – The former senator from Pennsylvania is also likely not to be around much longer.


  1. GEORGE PATAKI and 15. JIM GILMORE are they both still here?
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