GMA Pours MORE $ Into Stopping GMO Labeling-Audio


From the Food Nation Radio News Desk

For months, we’ve followed the I-522 ballot initiative in Washington State that would require the labeling of genetically modified foods.

Food Nation Radio brought you the story of Moms for Labeling and how the Grocery Manufacturers’ Association and its members have poured millions of dollars into the No on 522 coffers.  Now they’ve done it again.  With days to go before the election and ballots already mailed to voters, the GMA has contributed another $3,777,500 to No on 522.  Since the beginning of this campaign, GMA member companies have spent over $11 million dollars to hide their use of genetically modified ingredients.

With one week before the ballots are counted, Food Nation Radio spoke to Joel Connelly, columnist for the Seattle PI about the campaign and how the No on 522 money is being spent.

CLICK HERE to listen to the interview and our comments.

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