Girl Poses With Offensive Message To Send Message of Her Own

A 14-year-old girl named Carleigh O’Connell heard about a spray-painted message on a cement block cutting down her body. She responded in a way that not many people would: by posing with the message and taking a picture. She then wanted to make the picture go viral for the sake of others.

She and her mother, Daryl, both shared the message on social media.

“[Carleigh] decided that she was going to be stronger than hurtful words on the concrete and that she was going to be proud of her figure,” the teen’s mom wrote in a Sunday Facebook post. “She also told me that she feels complete sympathy for the teenagers across the country who face this everyday. She understands and wants all of them to find strength inside to rise above the nastiness and be empowered by who you are, how you are made and what is in your heart.”

Carleigh had heard from kids at her school about the message on the wall, which reads “Carleigh’s ass,” and she was initially “upset” about it, according to her mother, but she “wanted to make some good of it” and took the picture.

This is the best way to throw it back into the bully’s any situation. Just embrace the cutdown and 9/10 times the bully will back off. Good job, Carleigh!