How to follow the Gaza conflict live
How to follow the Gaza conflict live
How to follow the Gaza conflict live

Washington – The ongoing conflict in Gaza continues to stay at the very top of the news both in the United States as well as worldwide. News Talk Florida understands that this is a complex and passionate story that requires 24/7/365 coverage.

What we are doing is giving you the reader access to live blogs and video reports from the two top networks located in the Middle East. Each network lives in the region and understands the issues in play better than any of the networks based here in the United States.

It is important in any international to be able to see how it is being reported by the people who live this story each and every day. So with that in mind we will give the two networks at the very heart of the story. If you watch them you might be surprised how balanced their coverage really is as they report the conflict to a worldwide audience.

Al Jazeera America is based in Washington, New York, and Qatar and they have done a very solid job of covering the conflict. They of course have the help of their sister networks that are located in the Middle East and they will provide you with a balanced view with an eye from the Palestinian side of the conflict.

 i24 News is based in Tel Aviv and it is like “Al Jazz,” balanced. But you do get the Israeli perspective and while they are only a year old. The new kids are doing an outstanding job of covering the conflict.

France 24 is also a great outlet with a strong group of reporters on the scene.

The three will give news junkies all the information you will need on the Middle East.