Couple sues to get pot plants back

A Manatee County couple is suing the Sheriff’s Office in an effort to get their seized pot plants back. “We’re doing this out of necessity,” said Bob Jordan. The couple filed a civil complaint against the Sheriff’s Office this week.

Sheriff’s deputies raided Bob and Cathy Jordan’s home in Parrish in February and seized 23 marijuana plants, which the Jordans insist are only for medicinal use. The Manatee County State Attorney’s Office never pressed charges.

“I’ve got no other choice in the matter,” said Bob Jordan. Cathy Jordan has suffered from ALS for more than 20 years. “When you love somebody, you don’t want to watch them suffer. No cell in my body thinks I am doing the wrong thing.” Bob Jordan calls the marijuana “medicine” and said it’s the only thing that works to ease Cathy’s pain and tremors.

The Jordans’ attorney, based in Ft. Lauderdale, explained the lawsuit is three-fold: asking the court to rule on the return of the marijuana plants, acknowledging Cathy Jordan’s usage is only for medical purposes, preventing the Jordans from future arrests on drug charges.

“Every time a cop car comes by, I get nervous and hope they don’t come here,” said Bob Jordan. He showed ABC Action News his stash of newly planted marijuana plants in the couple’s backyard. “We’re not going to stop. We’re not. It’s not in us. This is life and death. This is literally life and death for us. She has to be able to use this medicine,” he said.

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