Food Nation Radio Network Now Broadcasts Across Florida

For Immediate Release:

Tampa,FL  August 23, 2012–  Food Nation Radio Network and Elizabeth Dougherty announced today a new partnership with Genesis Communications to dramatically increase its broadcast footprint across the State of Florida. Food Nation Radio will also continue its broadcasts out of the New York State area.

“Over the past two years, Elizabeth Dougherty has developed a fun, creative and compelling food show that is now on the forefront of keeping listeners informed with the latest news about the safety of our food supply.  We are thrilled to reach both Central Florida and its East Coast and continue to entertain our listeners along the West Coast of Florida,” says Michael Serio, Executive Producer and co-host of the program.

THE FOOD NATION RADIO NETWORK will air each Sunday beginning September 8th at 8am Eastern time on WIXC News 1060 on the East Coast of Florida, WAMT News 1190 in Central Florida and  will continue to air Saturdays at 4pm on WWBA News 820 on the West Coast of Florida.

THE FOOD NATION RADIO NETWORK host Elizabeth Dougherty said, “We are pleased to partner with Genesis Communications as Food Nation Radio continues to grow so that we can continue to concentrate on the compelling (and fun) content we provide to our listeners each week.”

THE FOOD NATION RADIO NETWORK‘S Elizabeth Dougherty will begin contributing content to the Newstalk Florida site. Her articles generate tens of thousands of page views by listeners and readers eager to learn more about the food they eat and take home to their families.


Contact: Michael Serio, Executive Producer 727 430 4935 for press/general inquiries.