Florida’s Tourism Record Broken Again

How Does Florida Keep Inviting Tourist To It’s Sunshine?

When you think of Florida you think of beaches, sunshine, scuba diving and Disney World. So it’s not surprising that the Sunshine State attracts a boat load of tourists to participate in one of it’s attractive attributes.

According to the Herald Tribune, 2014 was a big year for Florida with an almost 100 million tourist count.

Not only has the tourism rate increased by 4% from 2013, 2014 was the 4th consecutive year tourism has increased in Florida. Does this have any correlation with the progressively colder and snowier winters up in the north?

If you asked anyone who was dealing with the snow at this moment where they would want to take a vacation, I would bet 80-90% of respondents would pick Florida as their destination. Having around 350 annual days of pure sunshine, Florida can thank it’s year round warmth when it comes to reeling in those Northerners.

Setting weather and temperature conditions aside, Disney World contributes as the top spot for tourist in the state of Florida, with it’s constant upgrades to themes rides, increased international awareness and its ideal for anyone who wants to experience being apart of the happiest place on earth.

If that’s not enough, the new Harry Potter World at Universal has also attracted an immense amount of die hard Harry Potter fans from around the world, counting as a destination as an almost equivalent Disney.

Whether you’re looking for the best dive sites, searching for the most scenic beaches, or daydreaming about riding on Splash Mountain at Disney, Florida has a bit of everything for all ages and all personalities.