Winter Haven Pair Snatched Purse from 86-year-old Woman

Winter Haven Police have arrested a Winter Haven pair for snatching the purse from an 86 year-old woman outside of a pediatric doctor’s office.

On Friday at approximately 3:30 p.m., 86 year-old Lillie Burnham of Winter Haven was in the parking lot of Pediatric Partners on Central Ave. while her great-granddaughter was inside for an appointment.

Evelyn Belmont and Nathaniel Mitchell, also of Winter Haven, walked past the office and Burnham asked for assistance in unloading a chair from her vehicle so she could sit outside of the vehicle.

She offered to pay a small amount if they would assist her.

After Mitchell unloaded the chair and Burnham sat down, Belmont grabbed the small purse and both suspects ran.

Burnham gave a clear description of the suspects and told officers exactly what was inside of her purse, including medications, money (exact denominations) and credit cards.

Police K-9 responded and tracked the pair to a nearby house, where they were found inside.

They both denied any involvement.

Officers located the victim’s purse with the medication and credit cards.

Mitchell was found with the money (exact amount and denominations reported by the victim) in his pocket.

Mitchell and Belmont were both arrested and charged with Robbery/Sudden Snatching and Exploitation of the Elderly.