Fallen Tree Leaves Seffner Family Homeless

SEFFNER, Florida – A huge oak tree came crashing down Monday evening at a home located near the corner of Tighe Avenue and Lenna Avenue. Despite the tears streaming down Stacy Reyes’ face, she says she’s relieved that Mother Nature spared her family’s lives.

Reyes says, “I am baffled at the fact that no one was over there. What are the odds of no one being on that side of the house?”

Stacy, her fiance, and their four kids ages 3, 4, 5 and 6 were all inside the kitchen of the rental home when a huge old oak tree came down. She says, “There was a loud boom. The house shook very hard. And I looked into the other side of the house, which is where we sleep and eat and bathe, and there’s a tree through my house. It’s all caved in. I see nothing but sky and trees.”


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