Toddler Rescued In Mower Accident

A new pair of prosthetic legs is a fit for Ireland Nugent, the Palm Harbor toddler injured in a lawn mower accident that severed both legs below her knees in April.

Today, in front of a cheering crowd of family, friends, media and medical professionals, the 2-year-old took her first giddy steps since the accident.

“She just got up and went,” said Stephanie Kingston, the administrator for Prosthetic and Orthotic Associates in Orlando, where the procedure took place. “She did so well that we actually let her take them home.”

Last week, Ireland was fitted for her new limbs, which replace the feet that were severed in the accident and attach to her legs, several inches below the knees.

By early this afternoon her family had posted a video of the curly-haired tot beaming as she took them for a spin in between a pint-sized pair of parallel bars. She wore a red super hero cape over her frilly pink and white dress and new shoes with bright pink velcro straps.

It was an emotional moment for the family, which crowded the room where Ireland took those first shaky strides.

“This is triumph after a tragedy,” said her father, Jerry Nugent. “This is what we’ve been waiting for.”

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