Tips For Surviving A Shark Attack

Tips for Avoiding a Shark Attack:
1.Avoid being in the water between sunset and sunrise.
2.Stay in a group and do not wander too far from shore.
3.Avoid wearing shiny jewelry; the reflected light resembles fish scales.
4.Avoid brightly colored or patterned clothing, as sharks can see contrast well.
5.Do not enter waters being used by sport or commercial fisherman.
6.Avoid entering waters with sewage output and/or entering the water if you are bleeding.

The Sunshine State is home to what is known as the “Shark-bite capital of the world,” where approximately 25 people are bitten each year, New Smyrna Beach. This beach is known for its sandbars, created from moving sand brought about by the movement of an inlet connected to the Atlantic from a lagoon. These sandbars create waves ideal for surfing, making the beach a top destination for surfers, vacationers and native Floridians. It also composes the perfect mix for shark and human.


Source: Huffington Post