Tampa Police Launch Crime Mapping Website

Tampa Police Launch Crime Mapping Website.

This tool also creates a new way for citizens to report online crime tips

The Tampa Police Department has teamed up with RAIDS Online to provide easy to read crime maps and analysis to allow Tampa residents a first-hand look at crimes in our city.  RAIDS Online displays crime data to the public using Google Maps’ well-known mapping interface.  All the user has to do is type in their address, select the date and crimes they’d like to monitor and the information is provided on the map.

The RAIDS Online mapping system allows TPD to share crime information with the community while helping to reduce crime, improve public safety and to enhance neighborhood-police partnerships. Users will be able to customize the interactive maps for their neighborhood or view the entire city. The website will be updated within the hour of the report being completed and approved.

Crime Tips

A major feature of the RAIDS Online web site is a crime tip program that will allow citizens to send an anonymous tip to TPD from the safety of their home.

The information contained in the tip will then be shared with the appropriate investigator. Citizens just click on the crime dot on the map and there is a form to submit the anonymous tip.


Visit www.TampaGov.net/police and click on crime statistics in your area.