Seekers Find 300-Year-Old Gold Coins Off Florida Coast

Treasure hunters off the coast of Wabasso Beach discovered 300-year-old gold coins worth a quarter-million dollars on Saturday.

The discovery by the crew aboard a ship named the “Capitana” came only about 200 feet off the coastline, WPTV said. The 48 gold coins buried in the sand are believed to be from one of 11 Spanish galleons that sunk in a hurricane in 1715.

“You go out every day, hoping that it’s gonna happen, and a lot of times it doesn’t,” said Greg Bounds, the ship’s captain. “But when it does, it’s just amazing, the feeling that you get.” The treasure-hunting trip was under the direction of a company called 1715 Fleet Queen’s Jewels, WPTV said.

Source: Tampa Bay Business Journal