Pinellas Police Warn About Robo Call Scam


The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents to be aware of a robo call scam.

The automated call asks for personal information, like a credit card number and/or bank account number.

Deputies say the robo calls in some instances advise the person that his/her credit card has been disabled and directs them to enter their credit card or bank account numbers in order to reactivate.

If you get such a call, deputies say:

  • Unless you initiate the call, do not offer, key in or provide any personal information, credit card #, or banking information.
  • Hang up – and contact your financial institution directly to verify if your account has been compromised in any way.
  • According to detectives, often times, calling back the number that appears on your caller ID may just get you to a legitimate business that is not aware or involved in the scam.
  • Detectives also caution that following the prompts may get you to a live person – but the recommendation remains the same: DO NOT give any personal information out.
  • Remind elderly family members and friends to be aware of these scams and to refrain from providing the information.