Officials Proposing to Make Howard Frankland a Toll Bridge

There are some state transportation officials that are proposing the ideas of making the Howard Frankland a toll bridge.

The idea is presented as a way to help pay for new northbound lanes of the bridge by 2022. That’s if the state gas tax isn’t raised. The cost for the replacement is estimated to be as high as $500 million.

10 News reached out to State Senator Jack Latvala and told him about the Howard Frankland toll proposal. He then called the DOT secretary himself. “I told him in no uncertain terms that boat won’t float. Making the Howard Frankland a toll bridge is not in the realm of possibilities as far as I’m concerned,” said he said over the phone.

The senator believes the idea is also impractical.

The toll proposal is something that is still 10-15 years down the road.

Whether it happens or not depends heavily on if the state gas tax is raised.

It’s unclear right now what the toll would cost.

Source: 10 News