Odyssey Marine Finds Silver Worth $34 Million

There will be no Spanish Inquisition of Odyssey Marine this time.

The Tampa-based treasure hunter recently tallied up the haul after pulling up roughly 61 tons of silver from the wreck of the World War II-era British freighter Gairsoppa, and the metal could be worth about $34 million based on current prices.

Luckily, Odyssey already has an arrangement with the British government, which essentially hired Odyssey to seek out and recover treasure from lost British ships, and that arrangement has a pre-determined formula for dividing the spoils. Twenty percent goes to the British, 80 percent plus costs goes to Odyssey.

Odyssey-controlled underwater rovers descended more than three miles down off the coast of Ireland, cut into the metal holds of the Gairsoppa, and retrieved the haul.


Source: TBO