Occupy Tampa Protests Today

Occupy Tampa organizers say their protest is going to be the largest in Floridain over a decade, with more than 1,000 people expected to convene at Tampa’s Lykes Gaslight Park to protest their disdain over the state of the economy and the direction the country is heading in.

They call themselves the “99%” in their criticism of the wealthiest 1% in our country.

The event was sparked by what started as a small, grassroots protest on Wall Street a mere three weeks ago, that’s since spread to cities across the country with the help of social media.  As Occupy Wall Street continues to spread its message in lowerManhattan, Occupy Tampa is gearing up to solidify its message.

The group says it wants to hear all opinions and share ideas…a chance to “simmer”.

It’s no coincidence the gathering is in the middle ofTampa’s banking district.

While the group has yet to define the issues it will stand for, there are several things the protestors have in common…they don’t like the state of our economy, the wars and political greed.

Protest organizers are stressing the importance of a non-violent, orderly protest, but are telling participants to photograph everything.

The protestors say they’re using “general assemblies” to make decisions.  Among the Occupy Tampa General Assembly decisions today includes whether they’ll actually occupy Gaslight Park.

The protest starts at 9am and is scheduled to go until 6pm.  Participants are urged on the group’s Facebook page to bring sleeping bags, food, supplies and cameras and to be ready for anything.

According to the group’s blog page, they’ll march from 3pm-4pm inTampa’s financial district, marching in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street. 

The Tampa event also coincides with the rally in Washington,D.C. 

Tampa Police will be keeping a close eye on the days event. GaslightParkis directly across the street from Tampa Police headquarters.  Barricades have been set aside at several intersections in the event the crowds grow beyond Gaslight Park.

 10 News