Occupy Tampa March Downtown

Sounds of support followed more than 500 people marching through downtown Tampa Thursday — to “Occupy Tampa.”

Their signs showed they may not believe in the mainstream media, in what we have to say, but they definitely believe in our country; and they’re not afraid to say why.

“I feel that nothing is represented accurately on the mainstream media… most of the time,” one protestor told us, “And it’s just not being covered at all.”

However, the crowd was able to cover this city with their message thanksto organization through social media.

Many taking to the streets need jobs, so we asked why they chose this for a solution, “Well, we just want to let America know that we’re awake now. The 99 percent. It involves everybody, all walks of life, thank you.” -showing gratitude for the freedom to march, to carry signs, to push for change.

“How will you know when you’ve accomplished your goal?” we asked. One supporter of Occupy Tampa responded, “When corporationsare no longer people.”

Clearly, the anger is directed at financialgreed on Wall Street but anger also goes out to Congress and the desire for a better American future.

One grandmother marching with her grandson told us it’s all about: “The next generation… the people who are going to inherit this earth.”

That is why they occupy.