Nearly 16 percent Of GOP Voters Have Cast Ballots

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Nearly 16 percent of Florida’s registered Republicans already have cast their presidential primary ballots.

The Department of State on Monday reported 632,513 Republicans submitted absentee ballots or took advantage of early voting before Tuesday’s primary.

The breakdown is 338,753 absentee ballots submitted and 293,760 early votes cast.

Florida has slightly more than 4 million registered Republicans.

Comparable numbers for 2008’s presidential primary are not available. That’s because there was something for all Florida voters on the ballot regardless of party affiliation. Both major parties had primaries and the ballot included a state constitutional amendment offering tax relief.

Of nearly 4.3 million ballots that year, 1.15 million were cast early or absentee. That was almost 27 percent of the total.

Source: Associated Press