Man Tried to Rob, Shoot, Carjack People

At approximately 6:34 p.m. last night at the Fountainbridge Apartments, located at 8402 Waterford, Devin L. Bryant, 22, approached two people he didn’t know and pulled out a gun and started shooting at them several times but didn’t hit them.

At the same time, Edmil Cuenca was pulling into the apartment complex to pick-up his wife, Khawaja Nasser.

As Cuenca tried to leave the complex, Bryant jumped into his car and told the couple to drive off, firing the gun inside the vehicle.

The frightened couple opened the doors and both ran away from the car.

Bryant also jumped out of the car and ran to the “Stop & Pick Food Center” near by on Waters Avenue.

When Bryant went inside, he got a drink and tried to leave without paying.

The store clerk tried to stop Bryant but he pulled out his gun.

Seeing the gun, the store clerk ran outside and another employee ran into an office.

At this point, Bryant then beat on the cash register trying to open it and when he couldn’t, he shot it, but it still didn’t open.

Frustrated, he then walked back outside and physically attacked the employee pulling off his jacket during the scuffle.

With the jacket in hand he went back inside again and put the jacket and a skullcap on and was in the process of walking out of the store when officers confronted him at gunpoint.

Bryant then surrendered and was taken into custody, but then while in the back of the police car, he kicked out the rear passengers door window causing approximately $750 in damage.

The store employee suffered minor injuries.