Lakeland Man Shot and Killed

Lakeland police have a man in custody for a fatal shooting Saturday night.

Police say 18 year old Denard McCray is the one who shot 44 year old Oberne Paul as he walked to his car in the 600 block of North Texas Avenue Saturday night.

A witness says he saw the men approach Paul as if to rob him…and police say McCray is the one who pulled the trigger.

Paul was shot in the chest…and died before paramedics could get there.

Accouding to Lakeland Police, a witness yelled to distract and scare three men who were walking toward Paul.  McCray allegedly shot Paul in the chest as he walked to his car and then he and the other two ran from the scene.

A family member said Paul was celebrating his birthday. Paul was a Haitian immigrant and worked at a local warehouse

LPD officials have not identified the other two “subjects” as suspects of a crime at this time. McCray has been charged with murder and booked into the Polk County Jail.