Jill Kelley Includes Others In Lawsuit

JillKelley_2013Jill Kelley has amended a lawsuit she has filed against FBI and Defense Department to include as defendants former Secretary of State Leon Panetta, outgoing FBI director Sean Joyce and others.

The Tampa woman earned international notoriety after she turned over threatening emails to authorities that led to the discovery of an affair between David Petraeus, then director of the CIA, and his biographer, Paula Broadwell.

In June, Kelley and her husband, Scott, filed suit against the federal agencies, accusing them of spying on her and leaking her name to media.

The amended suit, filed in Washington, D.C., on Friday morning, also adds FBI agents Steven Ibison and Adam R. Malone, and former Pentagon spokesman George Little as defendants.

The lawsuit claimed Jill Kelley’s civil rights were violated by having her emails collected during the investigation without their permission as the government investigated the affair between Petraeus, the former U.S. Central Command boss at Tampa’s MacDill Air Force base, and Broadwell.

Source: TBO