Jesuit App Is Student’s Labor Of Love

TAMPA – Dominic Kynkor , a computer whiz and rising sophomore at Jesuit High School, has created a modern first for the century-old private Catholic school.

Using what little spare time he had during his freshman year, the 15-year-old spent seven months creating a mobile app for Jesuit High.

“I was always kind of a computer whiz, but I never really programmed until about a year ago,” said Kynkor. “I was about 11 when I started playing around on my mom’s computer.” Since then he has been “the I.T. guy for my family,” Bryan and Pamela Kynkor of Beach Park.

The app, which is free, serves students, faculty, administrators, alumni and the general public. Kynkor has taken summer computer courses at several schools, including Duke University’s Talent Identification Program. This week and next he is taking advanced software classes at Stanford University in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley.

He was introduced to programming at one of those summer sessions and used what he learned to develop his first Apple-certified app, Arrow Science, devoted to another of his passions: physics. “It’s a physics calculator app; you plug in two variables and get another variable out,” he said of that one, developed in the summer of 2012 after graduating South Tampa’s Academy of the Holy Names.

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