Florida Strawberry Festival Continues

PLANT CITY, Fla –  Get ready to dip & flip, gyrate & rotate to your heart’s content on the Belle City Amusements Midway.

The Florida Strawberry Festival is packed with amazing rides, games & attractions all 11 days of the Festival.

The Festival’s midway will include more than 85 rides, some of which are not only brand new to the Festival but are one of a kind in the United States.

With so many thrilling rides at the Florida Strawberry Festival each year, many wonder how the rides can get any better.

This year at the Festival there are two new rides that you will just have to ride to believe.

The Rave is the only one of its kind in the United States and Speed is a thrill ride that reaches over 120 feet.

Of course, you won’t want to miss the favorite ride of all time, The Giant Wheel.

There are many more rides on the Belle City Amusements Midway that you won’t want to miss.

Discounted tickets are sold at Sweetbay Supermarkets; $8, adults; $4 children.

Discounts are also available for the mid-way when you bring in a Mountain Dew can.

All the details about concerts, activities, prices and more can be found on the Florida Strawberry Festival website.  Log on to www.flstrawberryfestival.com or call 813-752-9194.

You can also follow the daily events on Facebook at www.facebook.com/FLStrawberryFestival and Twitter at www.twitter.com/FLStrawberryFst.


“Growing Sweet Memories!”