Demolition Begins On Seffner Sinkhole Homes

Two Seffner homes, next door to a property where a sinkhole opened in February and killed a man while he slept, are being demolished today.

Hillsborough County officials say a private demolition company began the teardown this morning at the homes on 238 Faithway Drive and 242 Faithway Drive.

The house owned by Leland Wicker where the sinkhole formed at 240 Faithway Drive was demolished in March and the 50-foot-deep cavity was filled.

The sinkhole formed suddenly in a bedroom of Wicker’s homeabout 11 p.m. on Feb. 28. Jeff Bush, 37, was sleeping and was pulled underground along with his mattress, dresser and television, according to his relatives.

Jeff Allen, owner of the home at 238 Faithway Drive, and Lisa Jaudon (242 Faithway Drive) were told to move out the morning after the sinkhole formed and haven’t lived in the houses since.

The homes were officially condemned on April 1 after officials deemed the soil on the properties were still unstable.

Faithway Drive to the north of the site and Devonwoode Place will be closed to traffic to allow heavy equipment and dump trucks to come and go from the site.

The process is expected to last through Friday, officials said.

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