Canoe Death at Sundance Marina in Wimauma

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office responded to Sundance Marina located at 1671 Lightfoot Road in Wimauma in reference to a female that was found passed out on the dock of the marina.

The Kathleen Johns,25, stated that she had been out on a canoe with a friend, Jayne Henry,23, where they had gone to an island and had a picnic and a few drinks.

She stated that when they finished their picnic and were getting back in their canoe, it was taking on water.

They started bailing out the water and according to Johns, the next thing she knew is that she was waking up on the dock and did not know where Henry was.

The canoe was found upside down near the dock.

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office Aviation and dive team responded along with Florida Fish and Wildlife to search for Henry.

Henry’s body was discovered approximately 400 yards up the river from the marina.

There will be an investigation into the official cause of death.