Amazon Comes To Florida

Florida is reaching a deal to bring Internet retailer Amazon to the state.

The good news: the company would bring 3,000 jobs to the state by 2016, Gov. Rick Scott said, and will spend more than $300 million on new warehouses here.

The bad news: State residents will have to begin paying sales tax on Amazon purchases.

The governor left open the possibility the company could receive state incentives.

Gov. Rick Scott just a few weeks ago had rejected a deal with the Seattle-based company, citing the additional taxes.

Everyone is supposed to pay taxes for online purchases, but there’s no way to enforce the law. The state can’t force companies like Amazon to collect the tax unless it has a physical presence such as a warehouse or store.

Amazon is expected to construct two sets of two warehouses in Florida over the next 24 months, but the first pair of warehouses will likely be finished sometime next year. Thursday’s announcement did not include any details on a likely site for the warehouses.

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