Florida Poll: Bad News For Jeb

A recent Florida Atlantic University poll provides a glimpse as to how this all-important swing state might poll in both the Primary (March 15, 2016) and general election (Nov. 8, 2016).

For Republicans, the good news is the GOP matches up well against expected Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton. Ben Carson, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush all defeat Hillary by wide margins. Trump, who pundits claim cannot defeat Clinton, has moved up to a statistical tie.

Trump continues to lead the GOP field with 32 percent of Republican primary voters. Rubio trailed in second at 19% while Carson (12%), Bush (11%) and Carly Fiorina (8%) rounded out the top five.

Clinton received high marks in a category she wants no part of: Unfavorable. Only 41% view the former First Lady and Secretary of State, who’s under investigation by the FBI regarding emails, as someone they trust, while 54% hold unfavorable feelings.

Bush also fared poorly in the favorablity with a -4% rating. However, Trump’s unfavorable rating was -23%. Floridians seem to like Rubio the most with a +11 rating.