FL Lottery Scratch-Offs Targeted


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) _ A bill would limit the number of scratch-off games and cap ticket prices at $5 in an effort to rein in the Florida Lottery games that lawmakers say victimize the state’s poorest citizens.

The House Government Operations Subcommittee approved the bill Wednesday on a 12-1 vote.

Republican Rep. Frank Artiles said the Lottery is using scratch-off games to abuse the people who need the most help.

His bill would limit the Lottery to 20 active scratch-off games at one time.

It would also end high-priced tickets.

The Lottery’s website lists 79 active scratch-off games, including 14 games that cost $10 to $25 per ticket.

No Lottery representatives spoke at the committee meeting and a call to the department’s media office seeking comment wasn’t immediately returned.