Family Fined For ‘Too Many Cars’ In Driveway?

Cobb County, Georgia officials attempted to slap a fine on the Oviedo family for having “too many cars” in their driveway.

The combination of relatives and college kids returning home led to a log-jam of vehicles in the Oviedo’s driveway. Apparently a local tipster alerted government officials.

“I am angry. I am beyond angry. I don’t see how the government can tell me whose cars I can park in my own driveway,”
Kim Oviedo told WSB-TV 2.

So much for personal property rights.

Officials, stumbling for answers, claimed their rules were based on “conservation”. So the question here should be: Does the local government have laws on the books preventing families from owning more than a set number of autos or having people at their home using more than a set limit of vehicles?

Of course, once the absurdity of the story was brought to light via local media, the officials relented but tried to save face by issuing a warning that the family will be fined next summer if they do not obtain an expensive permit to park four cars in their driveway.

The permit costs $150 dollars and requires a “boundary survey” which can range in cost from $1,500-2,000.