F1 Headed To South Florida

A race is slated for 2022. 

There was a simple twitter announcement from the people who run Formula 1 auto racing. We’re going to Miami. Technically not Miami but Miami Gardens, Florida. F1 has signed a 10-year deal to race at a circuit around the Miami Dolphins stadium beginning in 2022. Formula 1’s fascination with Miami and South Florida began in 2018, when the city of Miami made a bid to host Formula 1 auto racing beginning in 2019. The executives who run Formula 1 auto racing wanted Miami and promised that the race would bring in $700 million for Miami in economic impact. The race never got beyond the conceptual stage. The race, according to organizers and city officials, would have given Miami a platform on the world stage, even though Miami has a lot of global exposure. An F1 South Florida race would may produce some local economic benefits but at this point it would seem the majority of economic benefits would go to the Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross as the race will take place outside of his stadium in the parking lot. Ross gets governmental handouts every time he brings a big event to his stadium complex.

There is just one Formula 1 race in the United States in Austin, Texas. Formula One is now owned by an American communications company, Liberty Media, and getting a second American race was a top priority. F-1 racing was a financial disaster in the United States and the racing group stopped holding American events in 2007, Formula One races were held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway between 2000 and 2007. There were no races between 2008 and 2011. In 2012, Austin’s raceway opened and eight races have been held in the Texas capital.

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(David Santiago/Miami Herald via AP)