Ex-Fire Chief Accused of Sexual Abuse Found Guilty


The jury found Former Clearwater Fire Chief Jamie Geer guilty on Friday of molesting a young girl for nearly 10 years.

Geer will now spend the rest of his life behind bars.

His lawyer says that Geer will appeal.

They thought he would be acquitted by the jury because they argued the charges came out of an elaborate setup, staged by workplace enemies from the Clearwater Fire Union.

The jury disagreed; theverdict was returned hours later.


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Closing arguments are set to start today for former Clearwater Fire Chief Jamie Geer,58, who is facing charges of lewd or lascivious battery and unlawful sexual with a minor.

Geer took to the stand Thursday to defend himself against the woman who is accusing him of sexual molestation.

He said she is making up her story for money.

He also accused members of the Clearwater Firefighter Union of starting the entire case by sending an anonymous letter that began the entire investigation.

He said on the stand that he knew FDLE was taping phone calls between him and the alleged victim as part of their investigation, but that he says he went along with it.


The young woman who alleges that former Clearwater Fire Chief Jamie Geer sexually molested her, took the stand yesterday.

The woman, who is now 19, says Geer molested her for a period of about nine years, starting when she was 8 or 9 years old.

Prosecutors say that Geer gave the girl gifts in exchange for sexual favors.

The girl testified she became sexually curious at a young age and began asking Geer about sex and that he taught her about sex beginning at age 9 demonstrating sexual acts and making her touch him.

She says she even started performing sexual favors for things like a luxury purse, cigarettes and alcohol.

She said she didn’t come forward sooner because she didn’t want to ruin Geer’s life but she finally did after she started having nightmares that Geer was raping her.

Geer’s attorneys say she’s lying and has changed her story too many times.

Geer faces life in prison if he’s convicted.