EPA’s Latest Madness: Sun Bad for Plants

The Environmental Protection Agency’s at it again, deeming naturally occurring processes to be “harmful” and/or “hazardous.”

As Barack Obama prepares a raft of new regulations, the EPA switched into propaganda mode to entice the mainstream media to explain why it deems normal planetary processes as bad. Remember, the EPA deemed carbon dioxide (CO2) as a poisonous gas. This is the very same gas emitted by all air-breathing creatures on planet earth. It’s also the inhale gas of choice for plant life.

While CO2’s poisonous label is among one of the EPA’s great jokes, check out today’s Tweet, saying sunlight really isn’t good for plants. Well, we understand, chuck a plant in the desert with tons of sun and little water and of course it’s bad…but this is about the dreaded “ozone” which is really oxygen (O2) with an extra molecule (O3).

Of course, behind this is the real reason for the Tweet:

(From TheHill.com):
The Obama administration is poised this week to issue a final rule on ozone levels that business groups contend would be the single most expensive regulation ever imposed by the U.S. government.

The air pollution rule, due by Thursday, will touch off another flurry of legal battles and congressional tussling over the president’s environmental agenda, with business groups and Republicans opposed to the rule looking to block it.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is expected to tighten its standard for surface-level ozone from 75 parts per billion to between 65 and 70 parts per billion. Green groups and health organizations say a tighter standard will help the environment and improve public health, but they too feel they could be left disappointed in the long-awaited rule.

Industry groups mounted a massive blitz against a draft version of the rule, warning that large sections of the country would fall out of compliance with the standards and that it would be expensive to bring many locales into compliance.

Of course, as the EPA quickly realized the foolishness of their Tweet, they issued a correction:

And that prompted a raft of smart-alec remarks.

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