Emma Watson Steals Hearts

The girl-formerly-known-as-Hermione continues to wow crowds around the world, including at Cannes. On Thursday she made a stylish splash on the film festival’s red carpet for her new film, “Bling Ring,” directed by Sofia Coppola. And in a recent chat with The Hollywood Reporter, she continued to spread the charm.

In the video, the interviewer asks Watson about the jewel theft at Cannes just the day before, and she immediately cries, “I promise, it wasn’t me!” Then she admits that this is only her second film festival ever.

“I was told in Cannes, if they don’t like your movie, you known about it,” Watson said. “So I knew if we got praise it would be honest.”

Mainly, though, the young actress was there to support Coppola, whom she hugely admires. And, she admitted, she didn’t sign on with “Bling” because of the script: “I basically would have done any role she had offered me. It was less about the role and more about working with her.”

Still, while she’s not on the hook for stealing any jewels at the festival, Watson does admit in the video that there was one piece of merch from the movie she could have considered walking off with — Paris Hilton’s pig. “I thought, that would be kind of cool,” she admitted.

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