Earthquakes Increasing Around U.S.


Could be just a coincidence or perhaps just some geological conditions, but earthquakes appear to be happening in greater frequency around the United States of late.

As of October 29, San Ramon, CA, located just 45 miles east of San Francisco, experienced 445 earthquakes with 86 of them 2.0 or higher over the course of 16 days.

San Ramon Earthquakes as of 11/2/2014

San Ramon Quakes

Minor Quakes Rattle Phoenix


Phoenix, AZ experienced 4.1 quakes on Monday morning.
Phoenix Quake

Huge Gorge in Wyoming


A hunter discovered a huge and quickly-formed crack in the earth in Wyoming. Scientists are unsure what caused the fissure, however, earthquakes did not play a role. Some scientists speculated it could be the result of ground water saturation, others believe a huge volcano might be rattling underneath.
“A number of things trigger them, moisture in the subsurface which causes weakness in soil or geology, and any process that would weaken the bedrock or unstabilize it somehow,” Seth Wittke, Wyoming Geological Survey’s manager of groundwater and geologic hazards and mapping, told the Powell Tribune.
“There is some speculation on the web, and with our folks too, that an early, wet, spring and summer had a lot to do with it,” Andersen said. “It is not uncommon to have slides like that.”

In April of this year scientists were stunned to find a massive magma chamber under Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. The chamber is so massive it would fill the Grand Canyon 11.2 times. Scientists rate the odds of a Yellowstone Super-volcano eruption at 700,000-1.

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