Should a Domestic Violence Ad Air During the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is always known for its oft-outlandish commercials. But this year, one commercial will take a much different tune — promoting awareness for domestic violence, the first Super Bowl ad to address domestic violence and sexual assault.

It will feature an actual phone call from a domestic disturbance in which the woman on the phone has to speak in a cryptic manner so the police will know that she’s in danger.

It’s part of the NO MORE campaign that has aired throughout the season, much in response to the growing domestic violence problem not only seen in the league, but on a much greater scale, throughout the country.

But is it appropriate to have this type of ad airing during the Super Bowl, when families are present? Is there hypocrisy here in that these commercial breaks are often dominated by alcohol commercials, these game-day parties are filled with drinking and domestic violence often involves alcohol?

Your Wake Up Call hosts Chris Markowski and Jenna Laine debate here:

You can see the commercial below.

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