Did the Colonists Steal Land From Native Americans?

From the Food Nation Radio News Desk

27.9 KB Plymouth RockIt was the fall of 1621.  Pilgrims (less than 50 of them) who had survived their first year in the new land and 90 Native Americans from Massasoit’s tribe gathered near Plymouth, Massachusetts for what is now thought of as the first Thanksgiving celebration.

That’s the version that has been taught to American schoolchildren for generations, but is it the full truth?

What do Native Americans say about that gathering, and the loss of their ancestral lands as the thirteen colonies formed their Union?  Who actually owns the land the tribes once occupied?

The Food Nation Radio Network with Elizabeth Dougherty spoke with Darius Coombs, Associate Director of the Plimoth Plantation followed by a conversation with Attorney James Springer whose thought-provoking writings about colonial land ownership help put the subject into perspective.

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