Did Apple Miss The mark With 5C?

An employee shows the the front of a new Apple iPhone 5C and iPhone 5 S at a Verizon store in Orem, Utah

Apple’s iPhone sales, holiday quarter up for scrutiny

(Reuters) – Apple Inc’s iPhone sales and revenue forecasts, due to be released on Monday, may offer clues as to whether its low-cost 5C model missed the mark or whether the world’s largest tech company can continue its run of smash-hit gadgets.

Signs have emerged that demand for the cheaper model is lagging the top-tier iPhone 5S – both of which went on sale in September – because its $100 discount is proving to be insufficient to motivate emerging market and price-conscious customers.

But some analysts say the concerns are overblown and that a greater proportion of iPhone 5S shipped, translates into better margins and earnings overall.

Apple will be reporting results just a week after taking the wraps off an incrementally improved iPad Air. But it is the iPhone, which accounts for more than half the company’s profit and is its highest-margin gadget, that takes center stage.

Source: Bill Rigby, Reuters