Deputies Render Aid To Collapsed Bicyclist

Two PCSO deputies performed CPR on a man who collapsed on the Pinellas Trail, likely saving his life. The incident occurred at 4:19 p.m. on Tuesday at 3725 De Soto Boulevard on the Pinellas Trail north of Wall Springs Park in Palm Harbor.

Deputy Harry Harris was alerted by a citizen that a male cyclist had collapsed on the trail while riding his bicycle.

According to deputies, the cyclist identified as 58-year-old Joseph William Hayes Leamer, had become disoriented, pulled his bike to the side of the trail in the grassy area, and collapsed.

Deputies Harris and Deputy James Miller, who were nearby, approached Hayes Leamer and began to render aid. Harris took over chest compressions while Miller opened the patient’s airway.

The deputies continued CPR until Palm Harbor Fire Rescue arrived on scene.

Deputies say by the time emergency medical services arrived on scene, Hayes Leamer had already started to breath on his own. Paramedics stated the efforts of the two deputies likely saved Hayes Leamer’s life.

Hayes Leamer was transported to Florida Hospital of North Pinellas for treatment.