Couple Hung Child By Feet, Beat Him With Pans

WEST CHESTER, Pa. — A suburban Philadelphia prosecutor says a woman and her boyfriend tortured her 3-year-old son for weeks, hanging him by his feet, whipping him, striking him with a frying pan and eventually beating him to death.

Jillian Tait and Gary Lee Fellenbaum were arraigned in Chester County Court on Thursday on murder and other charges in the death Tuesday of Scott McMillian. They are jailed without bail pending a Nov. 14 preliminary hearing.

Prosecutors say the West Caln Township couple regularly beat the boy and his 6-year-old brother after they moved in together last month. They say the younger boy had bruises, cuts and puncture wounds over much of his body.

Fellenbaum’s ex-wife, who lived with the couple, is charged with endangering the welfare of children.

Court documents did not indicate if they had lawyers.