Convicted Killer To Be Executed Today

Robert Waterhouse is sentenced to die today by lethal injection at 6:00 p.m.

The 65-year-old has been on death row longer than any of the other 276 people executed by the state.

Waterhouse was already on parole from New York for murdering a 77-year-old woman during a 1966 burglary when he killed Deborah Kammerer of St. Petersburg young mother.

He was convicted and sentenced in 1980 for that murder.

Evidence showed that she had been raped, beaten and left her to drown in Tampa Bay.

Waterhouse was nearly executed in Florida’s electric chair back in 1985. His execution was held up by judges. But in 1990, he received another death sentence but his luck rain out when Governor Rick Scott finely signed his death warrant in January.

There is an appeal to his execution pending in the U.S. Supreme Court and if the execution takes place, it will be the third since Scott took office.