Connecticut Is About Ready To Roll Out Sports Betting

It could happen next week.

Connecticut residents are not going to be able to bet on the NFL’s Thursday night football game this week but there is a possibility that legalized sports betting may be opening at the state’s two casinos next week. Connecticut received federal approval to offer sports betting and now the casinos are getting vendors and employees licensed. The two casinos have sports betting partners. Connecticut figures to make some money on sports gambling as the state will get an almost 14 percent cut of sports betting money. Connecticut’s off track betting sites will offer sports gambling as well. Connecticut will be the fifth state to come online this year and offer sports betting. Arizona got its sports betting operation going in time for the opening game of the NFL season on September 9th. South Dakota and Washington also had sports betting available on the NFL’s opening night. Wyoming’s online sports betting debuted on September 1st.

Florida is targeting October 15th as the launch day for its sports betting operation. Louisiana is hoping to have its sports betting operation open sometime this year. Maryland is still working out the process to get sports betting operations up and rolling. Sports leagues protested when New Jersey planned to open a sportsbook after voters said yes to legalized sports gambling in November, 2011. There were lawsuits with lower courts siding with the sports leagues. In 2018, the Supreme Court of the United States struck down the s that limited betting on professional sports and college sports to just four states. Nevada had sportsbooks. Delaware had very limited betting on the NFL. Montana and Oregon had limited sports betting. Sports leagues now embrace sports gambling. It makes the owners money.

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