Confirmed Sinkhole In Dunedin, 45 Feet Wide


Source: WFLA Photo

DUNEDIN, FL – A sinkhole about 45 feet wide and 30 feet deep was reported in a backyard of a home in Dunedin Thursday morning, Dunedin Fire Rescue officials said.

Rescue crews responded to 1112 Robmar Road about 6 o’clock in the morning. They reported two homes were directly affected and said they were evacuating seven houses, one of the houses was vacant.

The owner of one of the houses Michael Dupre said his daughter heard some noise around 5 a.m. like someone was trying to break into the house. They thought it was an intruder, so Dupre grabbed his rifle and went to the back porch. He said he saw the screened-in porch sinking into the ground. He got his wife and daughter out of the house as the sinkhole was swallowing the backyard.

Source: WFLA