When It Comes To Their Children, Are Fathers Too Lazy?

FOX 13 News

Fathers are doing whatever it takes to get their much needed last minutes of sleep.

MyFoxTampaBay said a new study has revealed that over half of dads pretend to be asleep when their children are crying in the night, only to ensure that fathers get their full eight hours of sleep.

56 percent of dads admit to the fact that they avoid having to get up to care for their child in the night. Among that 56 percent, 44 percent of fathers said that if they didn’t get up, that means that their partner would have to.

When their children are calling for them in the night, fathers have admitted that they lay still and keep their eyes closed until the mother gets up and cares for the child.

The study also revealed that fathers believe the mothers are more effective in caring for the children anyway. One in five fathers said their children only call for their mother, and one in 10 agreed that the mom is better in dealing with their children’s situations.

And dads are pulling the “I have work” card and blaming their job for why they won’t get out of bed to care of their child at night.

Three in 10 dads use having work the next day as an excuse to not get up, while another 24 percent say that it’s not their turn.

It seems that these fathers are good actors when they pretend to sleep. The study found that it was usually the moms who tended to get up with the kids.