The Truck Has Arrived: Coca Cola’s 2014 Holiday Commercial

Coca Cola 2014 Holiday Commercial

With the Halloween season wrapped up, we now move onto the 2014 holiday season; look no further then getting excited for the holidays with Coca Cola’s new commercial. The new commercial (that aired in the UK) during the X Factor, sent many fellow Twitter users into a Holiday frenzy which sent the topic trending currently.

For many British citizens, it appears that the apperance of the Coca Cola truck (which is known to make rounds in the UK )is considered to be one of the ways to start the holiday season. According to the Wales Online,the Christmas Coca Cola truck is scheduled to make 45 appearances throughout the UK. Click to here to find out just a few of those dates.

Along with the commercial, many are using the hashtag, #holidaysarecoming if you would like to tweet along!

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