Christmas Package Arrives One Year Later

WINTER BEACH, Fla. (AP) — An Arkansas woman finally has proof that she bought her mother living in Florida a Christmas gift last year.

The package Mary Beth Mauldin sent via the United States Postal Service last December finally arrived in Florida on Dec. 16 — one year and six days after it was mailed from Greenbrier, Ark.

The Vero Beach Press Journal reports Mauldin visited the post office numerous times over the past year to try to track the package.

The box contained a gift card and a flannel nightgown for her mother, Mary Lou Shelton.

The women got an apology from post office officials, who say they aren’t sure what caused the delay.

Shelton also got some additional holiday cheer when her daughter’s Christmas card arrived Monday, three days after it was mailed from Arkansas.

Source: Associated Press